Bain Maries & Hot Cupboards


When preparing large batches of food, ensure your meals remain warm and full of flavour with a Bain Marie and hot cupboard products from Hostservice. Not only do our Bain Maries retain heat, they also retain texture and flavour; they also extend the shelf life of dishes and cuts down on food waste.

Bain Maries are especially suited for buffets, school and hospital canteens, cafes, and self-service businesses. They run on electricity and come in fixed or mobile models, and often includes multiple serving containers to separate the dishes. This kitchen equipment is made of stainless steel and is perfect for retaining heat in meat, melting chocolate, and cooking custards with burning.

How a Bain Marie Works  Also known as a double boiler, a Bain Marie food warmer is often used in professional and industrial kitchens for food warming, temperature maintenance, and food preparation—minus the burning. Depending on the brand and the model, it may use dry or wet heat.

The typical Bain Marie is made up of small steel containers placed inside a larger container filled with water. The temperature does not reach past the boiling point, which is at 100 degrees Celsius, allowing gentle, controllable heating of food.

High Quality Bain Maries Sourced from Top Brands  Our electric Bain Marie food warmers and hot cupboards are the best quality so you can reflect the same in your dishes. Available in both static and mobile models with heated gantry, we source them from lead catering supply manufacturers, including Lincat and Thermobox®. Lincat is known for their outstanding product reliability, as well as sturdy and durable construction. Thermobox®, on the other hand, is a Scandinavian brand known for their flexible food transport carts and hot cupboards.

Browse our catalogue of Bain Maries and hot cupboards, order your own, and enjoy the efficient heating element and kitchen convenience like never before.