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Our Response to COVID-19

Here at Hostservice Commercial, we are taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously... Read More

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Tips to Save Money on Frying Oil Costs

Like it or loathe it, deep fried food is a popular menu item everywhere in New Zealand.  But along with New Zealand’s favourite hot chip, come the constant battles with food outlets everywhere... Read More

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In the Spotlight: The Dangers of Traditional Cooking

Watch Out, Open Flame!

While some may think that gas burners are the best option for a cooking hob, one can’t ignore the dangers of open flame. Technology has some solutions... Read More

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Are You Using Too Much Oil in Your Restaurant?

Restaurants are the largest users of commercial fryers. While some of them filter their oil, others don’t - and now is the perfect time to consider using a filtration system.  Asside from keeping costs down... Read More

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The Cutting Edge: 4 Essentials for the Successful Butcher

If you are in the butchery business, you know that it is not about who has the sharpest blade.  It is about who has the right equipment for the right cut.  Specifically... Read More

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Be Safe!

Food safety is a number one priorty for any kitchen, especially with the enforcement of the new Food Act earlier this year.  Download free food safety posters for your kitchen, and check out our range of thermometers and coloured boards.

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Happy Birthday to us!

That's right - Hostservice Commercial is now 20 years old!  We have been going since way back in 1996.  Now we're just looking forward to our 21st next September... 

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