Thermobox F210 (14 Gn1/1) Onegrip Handle (New)

$9,230.00 (+ GST)


Guides: 14 x GN 1/1, 80mm spacing 
Outer: B: 525mm x D: 770mm xH: 1515mm 
Inner: B: 330mm x D: 540mm xH: 1160mm 
Weight: 70 kg


Exterior walls: ABS plastic.
Inner container: Welded container in stainless steel.
Guides: Stainless steel, pressed from the inner container.
Insulation: Polyurethane foam.
Door: Internal surface made of smooth and seamless stainless
steel. Exterior in ABS plastic.
Wheels: Hot-dip galvanized steel. 160 mm wheels with
rubber tires, two braked and two fixed.
Top frame: Stainless steel and PVC corners.
Trolley frame: Reject list of galvanized steel coated with PVC.
F: Efficient convection heating system, with electronic temperature
control, insulation class IP 44, 230V/1000W. CE and
S mark.


NOTE: Also can be ordered in black

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