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Lincat Commercial Induction Hob


Take the heat out of the kitchen with Lincat’s IH21 induction hob. Offering high energy efficiency, the IH21 is perfect for any business seeking to cut running costs and create a safer, more comfortable working environment.
The IH21 delivers a highly responsive and controllable cooking method. Its sleek profile will fit into any modern or contemporary kitchen, while its lightweight, portable, plug-in design also makes it ideal for event catering.




What is Induction Cooking?


Induction cooking works differently from traditional hob-top cooking methods. Gas and electric hobs create heat, which is transferred to the cooking vessel and then to the contents. Induction hobs, instead, generate heat in the cooking pan itself:

    • The hob creates a powerful electromagnetic field, which generates heat inside the pan – not on the hob’s surface


    • The heat is instantly adjustable, as the process reacts immediately to changes in the power input and magnetic field


    • Through changes in the electric current, the hob detects whether a cooking vessel is in place or the contents have boiled away


    • Induction hobs work well with any flat-bottomed pans with a high ferrous metal content at the base. This includes cast iron and many stainless steel pans

IH21 Features:

    • Twin cooking zones for high output


    • High power – delivers almost twice the cooking power of a similarly rated gas hob


    • Boost function delivers power when it’s most needed


    • 6mm thick high impact resistant Schott Ceran® glass ceramic surface will withstand hard knocks and is easy to clean


    • Functional and attractive profile is perfect for front of house theatre-style cooking


    • Easy to use rotary controls complete with LED display of power level


    • Portable, plug-in device – easy to move around the kitchen and ideal for event catering


    • Pan detection function cuts power when no pan is present, preventing harm to users and utensils, while saving energy


    • Automatic heat up function switches to a preset power level after full power heat up


    • Easy to change filter, built into the base of the unit


    • Powerful internal cooling fan and overheat protection for long service life




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