Turbofan Manual Electric Prover and Holding Cabinet 8 Rack

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TURBOFAN  Full Size Tray Manual Electric Prover and Holding Cabinet

Product Features

  • Dual function Prover and Holding Cabinet

  • Designed for individual use or system installed with Turbofan 32D Convection Ovens

  • 8 460mm x 660mm / 18” x 26” full size sheet pan capacity

  • 16 460mm x 330mm / 18” x 13” half size sheet pan capacity

  • 8 400mm x 600mm tray capacity (optional kit)

  • 76mm tray spacing

  • Compact 735mm width

  • 10A plug-in cordset fitted

  • Full double skin construction

  • Auto water fill system with optional integrated water filter kit

  • Continuous door seal

  • Side hinged door (standard LH hinge). Optional RH hinge (field convertible)

  • Off / Prove / Hold mode selection

  • Low velocity circulation fan system

  • Mechanical thermostat

  • Humidity level control

  • Dual halogen cabinet interior lamps

  • Cabinet temperature display thermometer

  • 4 dia. 76mm castors with 2 front castors dual wheel and swivel lock, 2 rigid rear castors

  • 100% recyclable packaging



735mm W x 810mm D x 914mm H

Volume: 0.76m3

Packed Weight: 95.3kg



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