Induction Hobs and Griddles

Induction hobs and griddles have rapidly become indispensable tools in the modern professional kitchen, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency. These innovative appliances utilise electromagnetic fields to directly heat pans, significantly reducing the heat loss associated with conventional gas and electric cookers. This not only ensures a cooler kitchen environment but also greatly enhances energy efficiency, which is crucial in the high-pressure, cost-sensitive context of commercial catering. Their precise temperature control and rapid heat adjustment capability allow chefs to execute complex and delicate dishes with consistency, making them a favourite in high-end restaurants and fast-paced eateries alike. Furthermore, the inherent safety features of these appliances, such as cool-to-touch surfaces and automatic shut-off functions, significantly reduce the risk of kitchen accidents, making them a prudent choice for bustling professional environments. Check out our range of induction hobs and griddles below.

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