Mobile Bainmaries

Mobile bain-maries are an essential fixture in commercial kitchens and restaurants, providing a versatile solution for keeping food at the perfect serving temperature. Their portability ensures that dishes remain at an ideal temperature, whether it's for a buffet service or catering at off-site events. By delivering gentle, consistent heat, mobile bain-maries prevent drying out or overcooking, ensuring that food retains its quality and taste from kitchen to table. This makes them an invaluable tool for chefs looking to maintain the highest standards of culinary excellence in a fast-paced, demanding environment. Mobile bain-maries are extremely versatile with a bain-marie on top and a hot cupboard for storing plates below. Where they really come into their own is that food can be loaded up straight from the oven or stove in the kitchen and kept hot whilst transporting to the serving area such as a dining room in an aged care facility or for event catering.

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