Burgerfuel Container

Burgerfuel are the creators of a gourmet burger with fresher and more natural ingredients, delivered in a high energy environment conjured up from the images of flames, internal combustion and the desire to fuel and fire the human engine. Burgerfuel has not traditionally been a QSR, but their stunning new Container Kitchen gives them new power! This is fully transportable and capable of pumping out a whopping 150 burgers an hour.

Burgerfuel Container Burgerfuel Container Burgerfuel Container

This allows Burgerfuel to take their burgers to events & serve them quickly in a high-demand environment. You're sure to enjoy, should you get the chance to try one!

The Challenge:

When Burgerfuel came to us, asking us to design a QSR restaurant, that could be fully transportable, we were ready for the challenge! 

Venturing into a new field of commercial kitchens, we looked at a design to maximise both efficiency and output. Fries & 3 burger varieties needed to be catered for. This needed to be done fast! 2-3 burgers every minute! All this, in a 20ft container!

The Solution:

Hostservice worked on a unique design that requires 5 workers. No-one needs to move more than a couple of steps while producing burgers. 2 Waldorf fryers, and 2 Waldorf griddle plates were used for cooking, and a selection of custom stainless steel racks, shelves, and slides were used to transport food quickly and easily between cooking, assembly & serving stations.

Careful measurement, clever design, and close working with the tradesmen and stainless steel manufacturers ensured the whole project came together smoothly, and on time.

Burgerfuel are now using their container to serve hungry customers at events and music festivals around the country.