Merivale Retirement Village

Merivale Retirement Village is the home of a warm, lively retirement community. Located in the highly-regarded suburb of Christchurch - Merivale, this village has an air of elegance and sophistication.

Merivale Retirement Village Merivale Retirement Village Merivale Retirement Village Merivale Retirement Village

Inside the grand front-entrance, you are greeted by a friendly receptionist. On your left, sits the striking Village Kitchen. Hostservice were priviledged to work with Merivale Retirement to design and install this kitchen.


Hostservice were asked to design a kitchen capable of cooking food to serve the residents at the village centre while providing an attractive point of interest at the heart of the village. Space was limited, requiring the use of space to be ultra efficient and well planned.


The "front-of-house" kitchen is open to the dining room, and entrance way. A European-designed Coreco bain-marie sits within the stunning marble countertop, ensuring food can be served hot, in style. 

Behind the front counter sits the all-Electric Opus Cooking Line. This features an Induction hob, which have proved to be more efficient, much easier to clean, and safer than your traditional gas hob. Double stacked Combi ovens provide versatility whilst ensuring efficient use of space.

Behind the wall of white subway tiles, is the space where it all happens. Underbench refrigeration creates an efficient use of space, and wall mount overshelves have been installed where possible. A walk in chiller, freezer and drystore gives space for storage. A versatile mobile table can be used for additional preparation space, or whatever is required.