The Russley Village Kitchen and Serveries

The Russley Village of Christchurch sets a whole new standard of retirement living. Quintessentially Cantabrian, featuring white picket fences and rose gardens, the village radiates an ‘English country’ air. Add in the meandering pathways peppered with bench seats, pergolas and sculptures and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re living on a country estate.

The Russley Village Kitchen and Serveries The Russley Village Kitchen and Serveries The Russley Village Kitchen and Serveries

Insite the architectually designed village, it is easy to see how the residents call The Russley Village Home.


Initially, Hostservice worked with The Russley Village to design the main kitchen to feed the residents at the village and cater for the cafe in the community centre. Later as more appartments and care suites were constructed, Hostservice were asked to work with the architects to design areas where food could be served to the residents, meeting food safety requirements whilst still maintaining an "at home" feel.


The "front-of-house" cafe area brings a warm and positive vibe to the community centre. Striking marble counters surround an FPG display cabinet laden with delicious treats.

Behind the cafe, visible through a narrow pass in the wall, the busy commercial kitchen operates. Featuring a European Houno Oven, Blue Seal cooking equipment along with designated areas for dishwashing, baking, prep and storage, this kitchen is the hub for all things

The Servery kitchens provide a modern yet homely atmosphere in the dining rooms. Adventys undercounter induction warmers have been used to keep food warm while minimising the 'commercial appearance'. 

Apollo bar chillers create an eye-catching feature in the servery kitchens, while effectively keeping the drinks chilled. Electrolux premium double skin undercounter dishwashers clean the dishes to a commercial standard, whilst minimising noise in the dining area, and having an inconspicuous appearance.

Hostservice are grateful for the priviledge to work with The Russley Village.