Commercial Kitchen Design & Build

We enjoy collaborating with Architects to ensure an effective kitchen is designed which meets the client's needs and fits within the budget.

Working within architectural and budget constraints while designing a kitchen which delivers of optimum efficiency and effective workflow is a challenge our team enjoys. We believe in sharing industry trends and drawing on our past experience to ensure the kitchens works for the client. By pointing up potential issues throughout the design stage, a lot of time, money and hassle can be saved later down the track. It's all about getting the best outcome.

So how do we work with architects?

Our design process usually starts with spatial planning and concept design.  From here, we move through developed design and detailed design. Full service plans and schedules can also be created. Throughout the process we can develop 3D renders and walkthrough videos of the kitchen to help the client get a better feel for the design.


Engaging with our client to get a feel for what a kitchen means to you and your project is a key part of the design process. Particular emphasis is made of the flow and interaction from the customer’s perspective. Once basic bulk and location are sorted we work in with your architects and our interior design consultants and suppliers. We will work with your operations team to select equipment that reflects the menu and operating method. Developed Design: The decision making time. When we get to this stage we need to work out what is going to make the final cut. How does the project sit with your budget; what are the consequences of changing a particular item; how will it impact on your final offering?

Project Management

The team at Hostservice has extensive knowledge of the construction industry having come from an electrical trade background. This translates into efficient project management. Our project management services include site marking out and liaison with tradesmen to ensure services are installed in the correct position. This gives you, the customer, the assurance of a hassle free project. We can also offer full ‘turn-key’ packages if required.

Delivery & Installation

Delivery of Hostservice supplied items can be coordinated into bulk deliveries to ensure there are no multiple deliveries to site. The team will unpack, assemble and place the equipment. This ensures that the equipment arrives on time, undamaged and in the correct place. We are happy to work in with your preferred tradesmen to connect and commission your kitchen

Commissioning & Handover

Commissioning of the equipment is carried out in accordance with manufacturers instructions. A copy of all manuals is given to the client along with a servicing schedule. We recommend we set you up with a regular maintenance programme with a local provider, however this isn’t compulsory.


We typically carry the training out over two stages, the initial training covers the basic operation and use of the equipment, setting them up to use and get some experience with each unit. We encourage staff to write down any non-urgent questions and we follow up with more detailed training covering these points a month after the kitchen is operational. We also give training to maintenance staff on basic servicing routines on the equipment and can supply servicing manuals if required.

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Kitchen Plan Examples

Our inhouse design team use 3D CAD to model the kitchen directly into an IFC file supplied by the architect. This ensures everything fits perfectly within the architectural plans and makes co-ordination between the trades easy. Our designs can then be dropped straight back into the architect's files. From this, we can also create 3D renders and walkthroughs.


“Their attention to our Operational requirements has always ensured a fit for purpose solution, which was not over specified. Throughout the process, Host Service challenged traditional ideas with new and innovative solutions.”

“The quality and timeliness of the service was excellent in every way, and I am happy to recommend both Dan Strachan and Hostservice.”

“Your attention to detail , determination to complete this job in a timely manner and the way in which your staff interacted with staff and residents on site was very encouraging and really appreciated by us. Marinoto now has a commercial kitchen to be proud of.”


“I have to say a huge hats off to your teams, they have been/are being extremely professional in getting the work done and there is great feedback from the Managers. I appreciate that commercial kitchens are a highly technical area and you’ve always given me confidence that your knowledge of our kitchens and needs means we are in safe hands, the way your team have tackled our sites just reinforces that confidence.”

Carriann Hall

“I would happily work with them on any type of project - green field, brown field, retrofit or refurbishment. They certainly have the skills and expertise.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an existing kitchen and want to refurbish it. Can you do a design for this?

Yes, absolutely. Our design team will work with you to create a design that works in with what’s there, and achieves your goals for refurbishment.

How fast can you do a design for my kitchen?

That depends on the scope of your kitchen, and our current workload. It’s best to call and discuss.

I have a preferred builder, can you work in with them?

Yes, we are happy to work in with your preferred tradespeople. If you don’t know who to use, we can provide recommendations.

Commercial Kitchen Design & Build

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