Food Production Solutions

The team at Hostservice are passionate about working with bulk food producers to increase production, improve efficiency and reduce overheads.

Bulk food processing requires specialist equipment in order to produce a consistent, quality product. We enjoy working with our clients to identify what's hindering their goals and growth plans, and looking at ways it can be overcome. 

We're specialists in European cooking kettles, bulk cooking lines, industrial washing solutions, industrial mixers and French bulk homozenisers and blenders. Bringing this state of the art European technology to New Zealand kitchens has streamlined many of our client's processes and removed their growth constraints. Of course we're here to help you, so we're excited to explore any new ideas to ensure we find a solution that delivers the best outcomes for you.

Process Analysis

The first is to look at what you do now. Firstly we analyse the process and each function performed. This allows us to identify any bottlenecks. We'll also discuss your requirements, growth plans and goals.


Following the process analysis, our team will investigate solutions to help you remove bottlenecks and overcome any obstacles to achieving your goals. Our areas of specialty are in cooking kettles and bulk homogenizers. At this point, we'll also let you know if we're not able to provide the best solution to your needs. We'll work with electricians to ensure we're specifying an option that's feasible for your site.

Delivery & Installation

We'll co-ordinate the logistics and delivery for your solution. The team will unpack, assemble and place the equipment. This ensures that the equipment arrives on time, undamaged and in the correct place. We are happy to work in with your preferred tradesmen to connect and commission.

Commissioning and Training

Commissioning of the equipment is carried out in accordance with manufacturers instructions. A copy of all manuals is given to the client along with a servicing schedule. We recommend we set you up with a regular maintenance programme with a local provider, however this isn’t compulsory. We will also assist with programming your machine to suit your process, ensuring you receive maximum benefit.

Backup & Support

We stock a large range of spare parts in New Zealand. Our network of service agents across the country ensures there's someone close to you, should there be any issues. We also have inhouse technicians available for support over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time on your equipment?

We hold a range of equipment in stock in New Zealand. For specialised solutions, contact us.

I don't have enough electricity to my property to run the equipment I need. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Where the electricity supply is limited, we have a range of gas equipment.

Food Production Solutions

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