Electrolux & Starline Wash/Rinse arm Cleaning

Regular cleaning of wash/rinse arms and ensuring these arms can spin freely, will help with improved wash performance for a thorough clean.

Electrolux & Starline Wash/Rinse arm Cleaning

Regular Cleaning 

Remove scrap trays (1) and wash pump inlet filter (2), where fitted, and rinse or brush clean.

Remove wash and rinse arms by undoing the central thumbscrews (3). If necessary, remove the end cap screws (4) from the wash arms and the end screws (5) from the rinse arms and flush the arms with water and/or use a toothpick or paperclip to clear jets.

Note: arms and filters vary with model and may appear different from this illustration e.g. those models with plastic wash arms have removable jets for ease of cleaning.

Remember to also check wash suction filter in the base of the wash tank below the scrap tray.

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When to call a service technician 

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