Electrolux Sanitizer



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• Performance is certified for disinfection level according to DIN 10512 standard (1st and 2nd cycle) and A0 60 level according to EN 15883-1 standard (3rd cycle as Disinfection cycle) by independent third party. 

• Cycle cannot be interrupted thanks to door lock mechanism ensuring the complete cycle is performed. 

• Built-in rinse aid and detergent dispenser with automatic initial and continuous cycle loading for perfect result while minimizing service and maintenance needs. 

• Built-in atmospheric boiler sized to raise incoming 50 °C water to 90 °C minimum for sanitizing rinse. No external booster is required. Constant temperature of 90 °C thoughout the rinsing cycle regardless of the network's water pressure. • High efficiency air gap (class A) in water inlet circuit to avoid water being siphoned back contaminating the network is compliant with EN 61770 standard, WRAS, Belgaqua back-flow prevention requirements. 

• Incorporated Soft Start feature to offer additional protection to more delicate items. • Maximum capacity per hour of 40 racks or 480 dishes. • 90/ 120 second cycles is certified according to DIN 10512 standard. While 240 second cycle is certified A0 60 level according to EN 15883-1 standard which including final pause to improve the drying result to avoid water residuals on the washed wares. • 4 second (variable) pause after washing and before rinsing ensures that no drops of unclean water will fall on the clean items at the end of the rinsing cycle. • An effective rinse system uses only 3 litres (1st & 2nd cycle) or 4 liters (3rd cycle) of clean hot water per basket for perfect disinfection result at low energy, water, detergent and rinse aid consumption. 

• Unique temperature interlock guarantees required temperatures in both the wash and final rinse in case of emergency cold water feeding. 

• Double skinned insulated wall ensures a low noise level and a reduction in heat loss from the machine. 

• Automatic self-cleaning cycle to avoid bacteria proliferation. 

• State-of-the-art electronic controls with built-in programming, self-diagnostics for serviceability and automatic interior self-cleaning cycle. 

• Digital read-out keeps operator informed as to temperatures. • Fault auto-diagnosis system. 

• Three phase or single phase electrical connection, convertible on-site. • Low noise level. 

• IPx4 water protection. 

• Green light of "WASH SAFE CONTROL" confirms that items have been rinsed properly

  • ELECTRICAL: 6.85kW
  • WATER: 20mm Hot water
  • DRAIN: Trapped upstand for pump out drain
  • DIMENSIONS: 600mmmW x 612mmD x 850mmH