Giorik Steambox Evolution Boiler Electric Combi Oven - 10 x 1/1GN



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An ingenious patented system from Giorik makes it possible for STEAMBOX EVOLUTION ovens to generate steam in two different and complementary ways. These combine the quality of boiler-generated steam with the speed and economy of steam generated in INSTANT mode. The oven offering consists of 4 sets of models that range in type of controls and steam generating system.

  • Symbiotic Steam (patented) innovative, heavy duty, highly efficient, dual boiler generation and steam injection oven
  • Steam Tuner (patented) exclusive feature allows actual tuning of saturated steam
  • Meteo System (patented) for precise control and saturation levels
  • Automatic descaling system for oven and boiler
  • Integrated recirculating cleaning via tablet, with liquid detergent dispenser installed if preferred
  • Large 9” innovative touch screen interface
  • Over 120 pre-set cooking programs, 1,000+ additional programs - 9 phase memory available
  • Automatic, adaptive cooking, rack control, regeneration, sous vide and smoking programs
  • Easy Service function, Recipe tuner, and Chef’s note software all as standard
  • 6-speed inverter controlled fan for increased precision, control and reliability
  • LED lighting for superior cavity illumination
  • USB connection, HACCP
  • Supplied with integrated hand shower, multi-point core temperature probe, drain kit and advanced scale reduction filter
  • Left hand hinge door option available, this variation is 30mm wider and is made to order
  • All combi ovens are supplied with either Standard or Reverse Osmosis Filtration system

  • ELECTRICAL: 18.2kW
  • WATER: 20mm Cold water connection
  • DRAIN: 50mm High Temp drain
  • DIMENSIONS: 1161mmH x 863mmW x 855mmD