MaxiMix Kettle 500L AutoChef 86



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The MaxiMix kettle is designed for big volume production. With an integrated stirrer that mechanises the stirring, food preparation is simplified and labour is saved. It also ensures a better result, as the heat is distributed more evenly throughout the entire contents of the kettle and prevents burning. The kettle volume is 500 litres, with a range of other sizes available at special request. 

The Autochef 86 controller ensures easy operation of the kettle with features such as recipes. This allows for a consistent outcome no matter who is operating the kettle. The large touchscreen is built to withstand the food production environment. The controller also allows you to pull a report showing the consumption of energy, use of water and energy waste throughout a cook, allowing you to optimize your cooking process. Emptying the kettle into the desired portion sizes is easy, as the controller allows you to enter the container size and pours accordingly, reducing the risk of overfilling and spillages.


• Integrated Stirrer 

• Max temperature 120 Celsius

• Digital Control and display of inner kettle temperature

• Water Level – automatic

• Electric tilt, with tilt-back

• Adjustable control box

• Inspection hatch

• Unheated top

• 500L Capacity

A wide range of options and accessories can be added to suit your unique application.

  • ELECTRICAL: 63kW, 95/95/95A/Ph, 3Ph + E
  • PERFORMANCE: Time to boil (10-90°C): app. 47 minutes
  • WATER: 1/2" Cold water connection
  • CAPACITY: 500L