Menumaster Commercial Microwave 1000W RMS510TS2



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RMS510TS2 is the latest revision of the RMS range. This bottom fed microwave is a perfect addition to your food service kitchen. Ideal for heating Muffins, Scones , Savories or other common kitchen tasks. Full stainless steel interior and fixed bottom tray with no rotating plate.    This is a commercial rated for up to 50 uses per day and a full parts and labour 12 month warranty.

Touch controls:

  • 20 programmable menu items simplifies cooking 
  • 5 power levels and 4 cooking stages for cooking flexibility 
  • Multiple quantity pad calculates the proper cooking times for multiple portions

Easy to Use:

  • See-through door and lighted interior for monitoring without opening the door 
  • 23 liter (0.8 cubic foot) capacity accommodates a 305mm (12” ) platter, prepackaged foods and single servings

Certified Oven for Commercial Applications:

  • Tested to higher standards for a commercial rating —required by most commercial insurance polices and health inspectors 
  • Interlock safety switch is tested to 4 times the standard of residential ovens 
  • Constructed to withstand the foodservice environment, multiple users and variable ambient temperatures 
  • Compared to a residential oven, this oven is more powerful for faster heating and better quality results 
  • Engineered for a simple, “self-service” operation

Easy To Maintain:

  • Stainless steel exterior wrap, door, and oven interior for increased durability 
  • Sealed-in Borosilicate Glass shelf for easy cleaning

  • PERFORMANCE: 5 Power Levels
  • DIMENSIONS: 512mmW x 403mmD x 310mmH