Norqi 80L Induction Bratt Pan



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Highly efficient brattpans built with induction, which ensures very efficient heat, heating as quickly as possible and provides unique opportunities to optimize. These brattpans can be widely used for cooking such as boiling, poaching, frying, browning or keeping warm. The efficiency of the induction helps to ensure the fastest heating on the market; 0-200°C. in 90 seconds, as well as an efficient heat, even when the brattpan is loaded with larger quantities. At the same time, you can work with temperature control, which can ensure high uniformity, less frying waste and a better working environment. Induction is energy efficient, which is good for the overall economy and the environment. The brattpans are made of stainless steel with a focus on ease of cleaning and ensuring operational reliability.

Here's what Norqi Induction bratt pan users are saying:

"The best thing about the Norqi is being able to sear a whole piece of meat in butter like it is a frypan, cooking with butter is now more reliable."

"You can set creamed rice at 98’c and walk away knowing it is not going to burn or boil over and cause a mess."

"You can set a stew on and leave it for 3 hours knowing it wont stick, burn or need any stirring."

  • ELECTRICAL 31A 3Ph + N + E
  • DIMENSIONS: 1142mmW x 853mmD x 900mmH
  • COOKING AREA DIMENSIONS: 960mmW x 500mmD x 150mmD

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