Vito Fryer Cleaner tabs

$ 104.00

VITO tabs are concentrated fryer cleaner boil-out tablets that clean the surface of your fryer, baskets and accessories very efficiently and effectively while saving you energy, time and money.

 individually packed: easy & save dose

 easy to use, saves working time

 removes burnt-in grease and oil

 intensive fryer cleaning

15 tabs per tin.

The VITO Cleaner tabs are specially designed to degrease the surface of a fryer vat, baskets and accessories and remove baked on carbon. The well tested and proven product deep cleans your fryer so it can shine like new.

VITO tabs concentrated fryer cleaner also has the added benefits of being safe for the environment and its biodegradable!

VITO tabs are the most advanced boil out, low foaming fryer cleaner tablet on the market! Cost effective and convenient-to-use packets simplify the cleaning operation.