Vito VM Oil filter



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The 4.5 minute self-filtering cycle can save up to 50% on oil purchasing costs, reducing oil storage space, reducing oil disposal requirements, increasing the taste and quality of foods and providing customers healthier deep fried foods.

VITO® reduces the oil consumption by removing the carbonized particles, micro particles and suspended sediments. This can double the lifetime of frying oil which gives a measurable and very quick return on investment.

Significantly increases lifetime of your frying oil 

Reduce your oil cost by up to 50%

Improve taste, Improve profits 

Always fry in clean oil

Very simple to use  

Save time with automatic fryer cleaning 


Filtration Power up to 60 litres per minute

Particle Uptake 1.3 litres

Maximum Power 300W

Work Cycle (programmable) - approximately 4.5 minutes

Suction Depth - approximately 35cm

Weight: 7.7 kg

Made in Germany 

  • DIMENSIONS: 398mmH x 116mmW x 191mmD