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Hostservice are passionate about improving food quality and efficiency in restaurants.

Here at Hostservice, we are passionate about helping operations managers in restaurant chains to reduce costs while improving food quality. Our area of expertise is in frying oil management. Our team enjoy working with operations managers and chefs to study existing systems and processes to find gains that can be made. In many scenarios, we're able to bring solutions that save time and money while improving food quality and often reducing health and safety risk in the kitchen. We specialize in finding ways to manage your frying oil through testing and regular filtration. This ensures you're getting maximum life from your oil while only ever serving the best fried food. We're here to help you deliver a better experience to your customers.

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VITO® Oil Filtration System is a revolutionary mechanical filter primarily for use in cafes, restaurants and any other commercial kitchen. Developed with scientific support, this German-made machine runs on a built-in timer for about five minutes, micro filtering all the frying oil contaminates. At the end of the cycle, the system will shut down automatically.

This cooking oil filtration system removes contaminants down to five microns in size, removing carbon (a known carcinogenic) that causes bad flavour, oil discolouration and smoke. VITO® Oil Filtration System is more efficient than built-in filters of pans.

To use VITO®, simply place the filtration system in a hot fryer and switch it on, once the cycle is finished, transfer it into the next fryer. Safe to use and easy to clean, the submersible parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher (when it is only time to change the filter).


With just a 4.5minute cycle the vito VL is able to cleanse the oil by removing crumb and particles. 

This leaves a cleaner oil, giving you a higher quality of food.


VITO® is fully automated, which means you can carry on other more important tasks, saving you plenty of time.

In addition, this fryer oil filter machine uses less frying oil and fewer containers. The filters are completely biodegradable as well, as they are made from cellulose. Unlike other filtration systems, it does not pollute the environment.

At Hostservice, we offer VITO® fry oil filter machines of all capacities, from 30 to 80 litres. We even offer the revolutionary VITO® Oiltester—a device that ensures the quality of your frying oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already filtering my fryers, why should I use Vito?

Vito filters down to 5 microns. This removes even the finest sediment in your oil. It is this fine sediment that tends to burn in your oil, causing it to break down. By removing it, you're ensuring your oil will last longer.

What is the difference between the different models of Vito?

The different sizes have capacity to filter different amount of oil. The size fryers you have will determine what size Vito you need. Talk to our team to discuss which model will work the best for you.

How is the Vito machine Put together?

Watch this clip to see how simple it is to assemble the Vito machine

My staff are so busy, I don't think they'll have time to filter.

Using a Vito oil filter actually saves you time! The cycle takes just 4 minutes and your staff can complete other tasks while the machine is running. As the oil life is extended, the number of time consuming oil changes is reduced, saving your staff time.


“Recently put the VIto 80l into our hotel, have notice a massive change in the product cooked and extended the life of the oil easily by double its life, At the hotel we use a wide range of deep fried products and we were changing the oil two or three times a week, with the Vito we have now gone to changing it every 6 - 7 days. Not only does it save us money but the product we cook in the fryers has a better taste. would highly recommend all kitchens to have one of these units.”

The Famous Grouse Hotel

“Vito80 has greatly improved our operations. It's convenient to use unlike the traditional oil filter, only takes four and a half minutes, and most importantly saves oil. We cut down our oil expenditures by 50%, I don't know why anyone would hesitate buying one. It's one of the best purchases I've made, hands down”

Cara Craig-Roldan

“Hi. Just thought I would drop a note to say that your Vito filter machine has saved me so much work. I now dump the oil only every two and a half weeks and the product when cooked (mainly fish and chips) is coming out perfect. Also when I do clean and dump the vats there is very little to clean out. Thank you for saving me money and work and improving the product that we sell.”

The New Funky Fish

“Fantastic machine – we have managed to extend the life of our fryer oil from 6 days through to 2.5 weeks with fairly heavy use of fryers, easy to use with minimal setup to get operating, added bonus is once the machine is running you just leave it to do it’s things while you’re continuing with other things.”

Head chef
Brown Pub Methven

“The VITO oil filtration system has been a great success in the blue pub kitchen, not only has it reduced our oil consumption, but also improved the quality of the food and increased the duration of which this quality remains.”

Joe Walsingham
Blue Pub Chef