Host Service Limited t/a Hostservice Commercial-Warranty Policy

a. Unless otherwise stated, the warranty shall cover a period of 12 months effective from the date of final invoice. Irrespective of what replacements may be made within this period, such replacements shall not extend the original warranty period.

b. Hostservice Commercial shall have no liability under this warranty for any products if the customer has not complied with Hostservices payment terms and conditions.

c. If a fault or defect occurs within the warranty period contact Hostservice Commercial in the first instance. Hostservice Commercial will arrange an approved service provider to check the equipment. In the case of any plug in appliance the customer will be required to return the faulty product to our service provider’s facility at their cost. 

d. If determined by Hostservice Commercial that the fault is covered under the warranty Hostservice Commercial  liability under this warranty will be limited (at its option) to either 

• the replacement of the Products; or

• the supply of equivalent Products; or

• making a full refund to you.

e. The warranty covers manufacturer’s faults only.

f. Fair wear and tear, repairs alterations and modifications to the product without the authorisation of Hostservice Commercial will not be covered under the Warranty.

g. If Hostservice Commercial or our service provider determines that the fault is not covered under warranty the service fee will be payable by the customer. 

h. Hostservice Commercial is not liable or responsible in any way for any consequential loss due to equipment failure. This includes (but not limited to) loss of profits, perishable goods or foodstuffs or hire of replacement equipment.

i. Hostservice Commercial shall not be liable for 

• any sum greater than the cost of repair or replacement of the products, or

• any consequential loss suffered by you, or

• any loss arising from the use of the products by you outside the normal operation of the products, or 

• any loss resulting from any fault or negligence of you, or 

• where the products have been inappropriately, negligently or carelessly operated or maintained.

j. Where the Customer purchases the goods for the purposes of a “business” (as defined by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993) then the Consumer Guarantees Act is excluded.

k. The following are regarded as wearing parts and are not covered under warranty- Glass, door gaskets, light bulbs or tubes, light covers, bandsaw blades, mincer plates and knives and wheels or castors.