25 December 2021

Are you using too much oil in your restaurant?

Restaurants are the largest users of commercial fryers. While some of them filter their oil, others don’t. When establishments do not use an oil filtration system, the quality of the food is sacrificed and oil is wasted. If you’re guilty of this bad practice in the kitchen, now is the perfect time to consider using a filtration system.

Are you using too much oil in your restaurant?

Tasty Food

Food fried in dirty or unfiltered oil usually tastes burnt, even if it looks like it was cooked perfectly. When your restaurant is full of diners, your cooks are working at top speed, so they may not have time to replace the oil in the fryer during a service. With an oil filtration system such as VITO, you no longer have to worry about unsatisfied diners returning food to the kitchen. The filtration system is quick and efficient. Once the filter is placed into the fryer, it will automatically clean the oil in under five minutes. Your cooks can easily go back to frying deliciously perfect fish and chips in a matter of minutes.

Less Oil Consumption

An oil filtration system reduces oil consumption. Fatty acids, ice crystals, and other particles from frozen food cooked in the fryer break down unfiltered oil. The dirty oil becomes dark, foul-smelling, and thick, making the fryer less efficient. This unfiltered oil needs to be replaced more often than oil that has been filtered. Filtration can, therefore, extend the life of your fryer oil and lessen the oil consumption in your restaurant.

Operating a deep fryer in a restaurant is not expensive. After all, the unit is generally affordable and it does not use a lot of electricity. However, if your customers are unhappy with food prepared with unfiltered oil, your fryer could be costing you more than it should.