30 September 2022

Improving the kitchen work environment

Stress, Burnout, Work Pressure! They're all real issues affecting workers across many industries today, especially in hospitality. At a time when labour shortages are more extreme than ever, kitchen staff are coming under enormous pressure, causing stress and burnout.

Improving the kitchen work environment

For the time being, it looks as though staff shortages are here to stay. 

So how can we help to ease the pressure on our existing staff and make the kitchen a more enjoyable place to be?


When this kitchen is extremely hot and humid, it makes an unpleasant work environment. You can influence this by selecting the right cooking appliances and ensuring you have effective extraction.

Swap your gas hobs out for induction hobs. With gas hobs, the flame heats the pot, but it also heats the air around it. There is a lot of wasted heat, as not all the heat from the flame is transferred to the pot. This can be up to 1980ÂșC, creating an extremely hot kitchen. 

Induction technology uses magnets to transfer the heat directly to the base of the bot. This ensures wasted heat is minimal and helps to keep the kitchen cooler and more comfortable for the staff.

Making sure your extraction hood has sufficient airflow and covers all your cooking equipment with the correct overhangs will help to remove excess heat and odour from the kitchen.