07 February 2019

In the Spotlight: The Dangers of traditional cooking

Many people like the ‘traditional’ gas hob compared to electric radiant elements. We at Hostservice Commercial firmly believe that advanced cooking technologies also have a lot to offer.

In the Spotlight: The Dangers of traditional cooking

When Traditional Is Not Good Anymore

Quite simply, products such as induction hobs offer a safer way to cook.  Cooking with an open flame is a Health & Safety hazard & requires the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

Technology To The Rescue

At Hostservice Commercial, we have solutions for potentially dangerous open flame cooking. Our induction hobs typically offer 90% efficiency, as compared with a solid electric hotplate at 55% and a gas hob at 50%. They do not burn fossil fuel, in fact they don’t even use an electrical heating element. Instead, the hobs use electromagnetic power. An alternating electric current passes through a copper wire coil underneath the cooking pot, creating a magnetic field.

Induction hobs are efficient. No heat is produced when there’s no cooking pot on top of the hob. Heat is only created when metal comes into contact with the hob. The magnetic field forces the metal atoms to align with it, thereby causing them to vibrate. Constant vibration makes these molecules produce heat, which is then conducted into the food in the pot.