25 March 2021

Tips for obtaining the most accurate readings from your Vito FT440 Oil Tester

The Vito FT440 Oil tester is a great way to manage the quality of your oil, and therefore the quality of your fried food.

Tips for obtaining the most accurate readings from your Vito FT440 Oil Tester

We'd like to share some ways that you can get the most out of your oil tester.

Tips for obtaining the most accurate and consistent readings from your Vito FT440 Oil tester

 Always test the oil when it has been sitting in a settled non - agitated state for at least 20 minutes. If testing is carried out too soon after either filling the fryer or cooking has taken place an inaccurate TPM reading will be obtained due to aeration (oxygen) in the oil.

  1. The most accurate TPM readings are normally obtained with the oil at around 100°C (the oil must be at above 40°C for a TPM reading). We suggest the fryer is turned off and left it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes before testing, this allows the oil to be in a settled state (see above) and also lets it cool down in order to ensure the most accurate readings.
  2. When testing gently stir the tester in the oil (don’t exceed the maximum depth mark on s/s shaft) for 10 to 15 seconds (this allows oil to flow over the sensor) and then hold it still until the display stops flashing. The correct TPM reading and temperature will then be shown in the display
  3. Most Importantly: Always have a microfibre cloth (or cotton cloth) at hand to wipe the sensor at the tip of the tester clean after EVERY test. The vast majority of falsely high readings and/or error messages on the testers are solved by this method. If your tester is taking abnormally long to read or the reading seems abnormally high, wipe the sensor carefully with the cloth while the tester is still hot from the oil and test again. If the sensor is not kept clean, oil residue will congeal on the sensor and almost inevitably give a false reading when you try testing.
  4. Always store the tester in the case it came in, the tester is a very expensive tool and is susceptible to damage from mishandling or from being dropped.