07 February 2019

Tips to save money on frying oil costs

Like it or loathe it, deep fried food is a popular menu item everywhere in New Zealand. But along with New Zealand’s favourite hot chip, come the constant battles with food outlets everywhere: Oil Costs. Buying Oil. Disposing of Oil. Filtering Oil. Cleaning Fryers.

Tips to save money on frying oil costs

So, at Hostservice Commercial, we decided to go global in our search of the best ways for customers to save money on their oil costs.  We now have a range of oil filtration and oil testing devices that are helping people all over New Zealand save up to 50% on their frying oil costs with quality products sourced locally and worldwide.

We have easy, safe and quick systems that are used in-fryer, this means no oil on the floors, no waiting for oil to cool to a safe temperature, and best of all, minimum mess.  Our favourite systems are used in hot oil, they take a maximum of 5 minutes to filter (just switch on and leave it to do its work) and best of all?  Once it’s done, you can put the messy bits through the dishwasher.  Yes.  Really.  It’s that easy.

And it’s not just the filtering.  Did you know most cooks are under the false impression that dark oil = poor quality = oil ready to dump?  This might even include you, but how do you know better?  You use an oil tester.  Oil testers measure the TPM percentage in your oil to indicate the best time to change, and ensures your oil is working at the optimum levels and you are consistently serving quality fried food.