Set Piece Catering for a Film Crew

When we were approached by Set Piece to provide a kitchen facility so they could cater for a film crew, in the beautiful down south, we couldn't of been more excited to start working with Set Piece to design their kitchen container amongst the spectacular serenity!

Set Piece Catering for a Film Crew Set Piece Catering for a Film Crew Set Piece Catering for a Film Crew

There was one challenge that came about that was not having three phase power at the site. Traditionally all our containers use three phase power, but we persevered and did some problem solving to make this work for our clients at Set Piece. The combi oven we used in this kitchen container was gas powered. This meant they could have all the features they needed in order to provide top quality meals using only single phase power. This all started in the beautiful town Glenorchy, they moved to Wanaka following the film crew around, another stunning town with rugged ranges and rolling hills. It's exciting for us to now be able to provide a single phase container to suit a wider range of applications.

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