Changing detergent and/or rinse aid pump tubes (Starline)

Have a Starline hood type dishwasher and need to change the detergent or rinse-aid pump tubes? Here’s how…

Changing detergent and/or rinse aid pump tubes (Starline)

Require: set of disposal gloves, screwdrivers, replacement detergent or rinse aid tube, rags/towel, pliers/poly grips, small plastic container (optional)

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  1. Turn dishwasher off on the dishwasher and at the wall - THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT!
  2. Remove Detergent or aid hoses from the respective bottle
  3. Unscrew the front panel of the dishwasher
  4. Locate detergent (clear tube)/rinse aid (blue tube) pump
  5. Loosen inlet and outlet tubes on detergent/rinse aid pump (you may need pilers to loosen these)
  6. Remove transparent lid to remove the detergent/rinse aid pump tube
  7. Replace tube
  8. Reassemble in the reverse order
  9. Switch on dishwasher at the wall and on the machine
  10. Prime pumps by holding down the Detergent prime switch till you can see detergent following into the wash tank

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